Pozzotive Sustainable Green Building Products

Kingston Block & Masonry Supply, LLC

Kingston Block & Masonry Supply, LLC is committed to providing the highest quality product and customer care. We are an innovative, architectural block, concrete brick and wall system manufacturer. Our experienced team offers new design options for architects, LEED consultants, designers and builders. When clients are faced with new creative and structural challenges for a specific project, our technical support professionals can assist in developing custom manufactured solutions that are environmentally sound, in addition to our conventional line of products.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility produces sustainable concrete products in virtually any color, standard shape and size in order to inspire endless design possibilities for your building projects.

We realize how important responsible manufacturing is to the green build community. We take pride in creating products to be what we claim them to be. We feel a sense of responsibility to all of the many visionary people that have helped turn our focus to developing our sustainable products into valuable tools to help the green build community attain their goals.

Kingston Block & Masonry Supply, LLC is staffed by industry professionals whose experience in manufacturing, technical support, dispatch and on-time delivery make your job…easier.

We welcome your business and look forward to working with you.