An award-winning manufacturer of sustainable concrete products

We help turn glass bottles sitting in New York landfills into strong concrete blocks and bricks.

Our process creates 30% less carbon emissions than traditional block manufacturing.

What does that translate into? Since 2004, we’ve saved:

16 million beer bottles from landfills

6 million pounds of carbon emissions

Here’s how:

12 million tons of post-consumer glass isn’t recycled; it ends up in landfills every year

Glass is recovered from New York landfills

The glass is crushed into Pozzotive, a proprietary cement aggregate

The Pozzotive replaces 30-45% of the cement we use to make a concrete block. Every ton of Pozzitive saves about one ton of CO2 emissions.

Our products:

Meet or exceed ASTM standards for

  • Loadbearing Concrete Masonry Units
  • Non-Loadbearing Concrete Masonry Units
  • Concrete Facing Brick

Help builders qualify for LEED Materials and Resource credits.

Use over 97% regionally harvested, extracted and manufactured materials.

The blocks get used in sustainable building projects in North America


United Nations Building
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The New Yankee Stadium
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2nd Avenue Subway Stations
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