Superior Protection Against Water Vapor Diffusion

Stego Product Line

Stego Wrap 20-Mil Vapor Barrier is used as an under-slab vapor barrier. This Vapor Barrier is developed from the same proprietary blend of prime virgin resins and additives as the popular Stego Wrap 15-Mil barrier, and provides additional protection for crucial projects.

This advanced multi-layer plastic extrusion blown film vapor barrier provides unrivaled moisture protection in even the most unforgiving conditions, such as intense fluctuating temperatures and humidity, and is frequently used on high-profile projects such as data centers and hospitals.


Its many features include:

  • Can be used in commercial, residential, and industrial applications
  • Helps defend against soil gases, including radon and methane
  • Shields against flooring failures
  • Exceeds ASTM E1745 Class A, B & C
  • Toughest barrier available for most sensitive projects
  • Made in the USA

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