Who We are

We are an innovative masonry supply company, dedicated to improving the masonry market for our customers while simultaneously tackling environmental issues. Our creative minds and dedicated team work tirelessly to stay ahead of the curve and anticipate challenges for both the market and the individual before they crop up. Your goals are ours, and we look forward to helping you achieve them.

Satisfy City, State and Federal Mandates

Our products are relevant for the following LEED Credits:
  • MR Credit 4 – Recycled Content
  • MR Credit 4 – Regional Materials
  • MR Credit 2 – Construction Waste Management (Project-Based)

Use Locally-sourced Materials and Labor

The post-consumer glass from landfills that we use in our design mix is diverted from landfills in our region, while our manufacturing is completed by our experienced team in Kingston, NY before being shipped out to projects across the Northeast United States. In addition to our standard products, our team also helps our clients achieve their goals in the face of creative and structural challenges by developing custom-manufactured solutions.

Create Stronger, More Useful Products

Lab tests by the National Concrete Masonry Association say that our blocks can handle roughly 3x more loading pressure per square inch than the industry standard. They also have greater moisture and chemical resistance, while meeting and exceeding ASTM C-90 standards of Loardbearing Concrete Masontry Units, C-129 standards for Non-Loadbearing Concrete Masonry Units, and the ASTM C-1634 standards for Concrete Facing Brick.

Protect the environment

According to Robert F. Fox, Jr., a partner at CookFox Architects and the founding chairman of the United States Green Building Council-NY, cement, by itself, is the most polluting product on the planet and responsible for 7-8% of the world’s carbon dioxide.

By using post-consumer glass in our design mix, we’re able to cut up to 30% of the carbon dioxide emissions from the manufacturing process. Some of our blocks also use between 50 and 100% of aggregate materials from already-demolished buildings. Some blocks can be made up of as much of 97% of recycled materials. Over millions of blocks, that’s making a big difference.

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